Animal X

A manga by Ami Sugimoto

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This community is devoted to Ami Sugimoto's manga Animal X.

What is Animal X about?

Ayukawa Yuuji, our seemingly male protagonist, is a medical reseach student at the Endou Chemical company. He looks and acts like a dork but he also has a very sweet personality, thus him also having a fiancee. During his time in Endou Chemicals, Yuuji participates in a drug research experiment which affects his body later on in the manga. It is also during this time that he meets Asaba Minato, a suspected mass-murdering teenager who changes into a dinosaur at will and has also declared Yuuji his 'mate'.

Seems like there would be many 'wtf' factors but Animal X has hit many boundaries in the world of manga: a dinosauroid race that has existed with humans for centuries, sex-gender confusion, seemingly male pregnancies, non-consensual sex, yakuzas, a beautiful woman with a Goddess complex...the list goes on and on. Oh yeah and did I already mention dinosaurs? Ami Sugimoto is pure genius for creating a manga with dinosaurs that can turn into humans.

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